Friday, June 12, 2009

The Matthews Reliv Story

I've known Mark and Beth Matthews for about 15+ years. I babysat for them a few times back when they had about half the number of kids they have now. They are a homeschooling family of 12. Beth's uncle is Fr. John Tasto, the priest who started the Missionaries of the Cross in Tijuana. I worked with him many times over the past several years and hold him and the Matthews family in the highest respect. Here is their story:

For many years we’ve been praying for a new way to help our son, Patrick, who is autistic. We’ve tried many things over the past eighteen years since his diagnosis. While some worked in small ways, we had never found something that made a difference in Patrick’s life. That is until we started taking Reliv products. When we began taking the products, it was because of many health issues within our family. Within the first few months we began to see significant differences in the health of our family members. Beth has received life-changing results from brain fog, leg and back pain, migraine headaches, and seasonal allergies. Over a period of several years, she had quite simply lost the ability to think clearly. Even mundane tasks like sending an Email, calling a doctor, or writing a check had become difficult. Being on bed rest for four months with our identical twins left her in a condition of nearly constant pain. Our whole family had tried numerous supplements over the years, but nothing worked. The migraines were becoming more frequent, and daily headaches were a way of life. Now, however, she is medication free for the first time in many, many years. Mark had back surgery several summers ago when a disc herniated and ruptured. After the surgery, the doctor told him that he had degenerative disc disease and that he would likely be back for more surgery. Mark continued to take 12-16 Ibuprofen a day and visit a chiropractor once or twice a week with little relief. After about three months on the Reliv products he no longer dealt with chronic back pain. In addition, he has regulated his blood pressure, and got rid of his C-Pap machine for sleep apnea. During his sleep study, Mark stopped breathing on average 38 times an hour, and now he sleeps comfortably without the dreaded mask. Knowing that Reliv was helping us, we looked more seriously at finding a way to keep Patrick on the products consistently. Sure enough, over time, we began to see changes in our son for whom little had worked before.

After about five months on the Reliv products, Patrick began to show affection for the first time in over five years, smiling at his parents and holding our hands. This was huge because Patrick had become very aggressive and unpredictable during his teen years. He has also begun to stay on task for longer periods of time at school and at home. He has begun to transition from one activity to another with fewer negative behaviors. Even though Patrick is non-verbal he has shown less stress when expressing his needs, and he is beginning to sign more effectively. Patrick is a happy young man, and his assistant says that other people at the school think he’s lucky because he gets to work with Patrick. Overall, in a number of significant areas, Patrick has shown a 38% improvement. Reliv doesn’t offer any claims of healing or cures, but the great nutrition it provides has allowed Patrick to function much better over the past year, even becoming able to work part time at a pizza restaurant.

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